Goal 01: Your Sound

Your sound is the expression of your musical soul.  Your tone should hope to be at all times inspirational, compelling and wide-ranging. Your inner ear, which imagines the sound for every note and phrase in each piece of music, can become ever more sophisticated and desirous of beauty and nuance. Your emotional intuition can be honed to reflect the natural relationship between playing and feeling. You can learn to employ different colors for different composers. Your bow arm and hand can learn to incorporate circular springs, suppleness, and flexibility to give your sound deep core and warmth; they can also develop openness and strength to give you power and clarity.  Your shoulder blades, chest, and neck can release to allow free movement of the bow; your body springs can release to allow the bow to sink through the string and violin.  Perfect intonation will enlist the sympathetic vibration of open strings, enhancing and multiplying the ring of your instrument. Even the way in which your left hand engages the string will greatly affect your sound.

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