The Ideal Violinist

I have created this website to help violinists to continue to grow and develop in every way possible – technically, musically, and especially spiritually—so that we can remain happy with ourselves and what we do. It is my hope that this place will create paths for you to discover and rediscover all that is best in your heart and your playing, and that it will help you improve the ways in which you relate to your body, your violin, and your musical spirit.  Bayla Keyes

With these technical foundations (the how’s):

  1. Right side
  2. Left side
  3. Body
  4. Practicing
  5. Score study

The ideal violinist can have these musical goals (the why’s):

  1. Beautiful, appropriate, emotional sounds.
  2. Perfect, ringing intonation everywhere on instrument.
  3. Total rhythmic control of both bow and left hand.
  4. Clarity, brilliance, purity, and virtuosity in fast passages.
  5. Ease, naturalness, and comfort while playing.
  6. The ability to learn rapidly and thoroughly.
  7. A gift for listening and playing well with others.
  8. Deep musical understanding, both intellectual and instinctive.
  9. Performances which connect with and move audiences.
  10. Artistic playing which expresses spirituality and meaning beyond the individual self.